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Pornographic and Tragic

1 January
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This journal mightn't be updated very often, but it doesn't mean I'm not an active member of various communities.

If you like any of the following;

The Libertines, Manic Street Preachers, The Horrors, The Mighty Boosh, The Smiths, The Cure, Pulp, Blur, Radiohead, Suede, bassists, attractive men, existentialism, literature, France, songs that make you cry with happiness, britpop, men pining over each other in unrequited love, post punk, madchester, being a culture slut, sailing the albion to arcadia and drinking pots of tea in the bath,then I'm sure we can be friends.

However, this journal is semi-friends only. Comment to be added.

This journal was created mainly for the purpose of a place to share my fanfiction. Mainly off the band-slash variety. I know I shouldn't but they keep luring me back with their homoerotic videos and flirting in interviews. I apologise in advance for any offence caused. Or I don't care. Pick one. Basically I write stupid gay shit, if this offends you gtfo.

In saying that, this journal is also personal, in the sense I tend to ramble on at length about my middle class white girl problems. However, I'll try not to bore anyone too much. I will use LJ cuts, on the more graphic issues, don't worry. But bear in my mind that some of the stuff on here might be triggering. If you have any issues with self-abuse, especially of the eating disorder kind, and you're easily rattled, I'd proceed with caution. I don't want anyone upset.

Last but certainly not least, I hasten to warn you; chances are this journal shall be very, very, excruitatingly dull. Add at own risk.